Newspaper headlines: Gavin Williamson fired and fights back

Image caption Gavin Williamson’s sacking as defence secretary after the inquiry into a leak from the National Security Council leads most papers. The MP denies involvement and the paper says he blamed a poor relationship with the civil servant behind the probe for his dismissal.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph – which first carried details about plans to let Chinese telecoms giant Huawei help to build the UK’s 5G mobile network – says Mr Williamson was sacked during an “extraordinary” confrontation with the prime minister. He tells the paper: “She has got the wrong person.”
Image caption The Guardian highlights Mr Williamson’s assertion he had been the victim of a “kangaroo court”. It says his sacking rapidly escalated into a public spat as he continued to maintain the leak came from outside his team.
Image caption The Daily Mail says Gavin Williamson faces the threat of a criminal investigation following his “sensational sacking”. Its front page places photographs of Theresa May and Mr Williamson face to face and carries the headline: “You’re fired… I didn’t do it!”
Image caption The Daily Mirror reports that calls were growing for a police investigation into whether Mr Williamson broke the Official Secrets Act. For his part, Mr Williamson says he would have welcomed a police inquiry before his sacking as it would have cleared his name.
Image caption The Financial Times said the leak from the National Security Council caused significant embarrassment to the government. It adds a senior military official has praised Gavin Williamson’s tenure, saying it had been “hugely positive” for defence.
Image caption The i’s front page lists key elements of the story – that Theresa May said she had “lost confidence” in Mr Williamson and his refusal to quit during a “stormy meeting”.
Image caption “Go Huawei and shut up”, is the Metro’s headline. It says Mr Williamson – who told Russia to “go away and shut up” after the Salisbury poisoning incident – has continued to deny blame.
Image caption The Daily Express says Gavin Williamson was “sacked for treachery” after the “unprecedented leak”. It notes his response that he “swore on his children’s lives” that he had not divulged the discussions.
Image caption “Leaky chump time… Williamson out”, reads the headlines on the Sun’s front page. The paper also joins several others in carrying a photograph of Princess Charlotte – released by Kensington Palace to celebrate her fourth birthday.
Image caption Finally, away from the events in Westminster, the Daily Star reports that former Happy Mondays singer Shaun Ryder has been talking about a “close encounter” with aliens.

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