The Papers: ‘Shattered Tories’ and ‘new Maddie suspect’

Image caption The Times leads on the local elections, which resulted in both of the main political parties losing seats. The paper claims senior Tories will tell Theresa May she must set a departure date – after the Conservative Party lost more than 1,300 councillors.
Image caption The Daily Mail focuses on the pressure the main parties face in some parts of the country. The paper asks “so now will they listen?” – referring to frustrations over the Brexit impasse.
Image caption The Financial Times says both Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn emerged “bloodied from a harrowing set of local elections”. The paper suggests both leaders will now step up their efforts to reach a cross-party Brexit solution.
Image caption The i claims the Tories could be “out of power for a generation”, following the elections. It leads with a warning from Home Secretary Savid Javid who says voters will punish his “divided party” for breaking their trust.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph says the Tories suffered their “worst loss since 1995” and says the prime minister faces a “chorus of demands to quit” as the leader of the party.
Image caption The Guardian takes the same angle, noting the Conservatives suffered losses in strongholds from “Chelmsford to Surrey Heath”.
Image caption The Daily Express says voters used the election to “vent their anger” at the deadline for leaving the EU being missed.
Image caption In other news, the Daily Mirror leads on claims a known paedophile has been named as a prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, which comes 12 years after the toddler disappeared in Praia Da Luz. The paper says Portuguese police officers are “nearer to cracking the case” after British police gave them a tip-off.
Image caption The Sun says the development is “of considerable significance” and that Kate and Gerry McCann remain “ever hopeful”.
Image caption The Daily Star claims the man believed to be a suspect wore a “surgical mask” to conceal his identity.

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