Peterborough banned driver had 51 points on licence

Car pulled over by police in PeterboroughImage copyright BCH Road Policing
Image caption Police stopped the car when an officer recognised the driver

A “prolific road traffic offender” pulled over by police was driving while disqualified and with 51 points on his licence.

Officers stopped a car in Lincoln Road, Peterborough, on Friday after they recognised the man behind the wheel as a banned driver.

On Twitter, Beds Cambs and Herts Road Policing said: “He has 51 points on his licence. Yes, that is 51.”

The driver was reported to court and his car seized, police said.

“He’s clearly a prolific road traffic offender and has amassed a significant number of points in a relatively short period of time,” a police spokesman said.

“He was recognised by one of the officers who had given him points previously and knew he was disqualified.

“If he continues to commit offences we will continue to put him in front of the courts and allow them to hand over whatever sentence they deem appropriate.”

A driver is usually banned after amassing 12 points.

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