The Papers: Could there be a ‘last-ditch’ Brexit deal?

Image caption The Sunday Telegraph leads with a warning from Nigel Farage telling Theresa May not to build a “coalition against the people” by agreeing a Brexit deal with Jeremy Corbyn. The paper says the warning comes amid growing pressure for the prime minister to resign, after the Tories received a drubbing in the local elections.
Image caption The Observer notes that Brexit frustration is growing as party leaders face “revolts” from their own MPs. The paper reports that the prime minister and Jeremy Corbyn will “urgently” try to agree a way forward.
Image caption The prime minister will make a “last ditch” attempt to deliver Brexit by agreeing a deal with Labour – but it could split the Conservatives, reports the Sunday Times. It says Theresa May will outline plans for a temporary customs arrangement with the EU on Tuesday.
Image caption The Sunday Express claims the deal could be agreed this week. The paper says the move comes following a “bruising week” for both main parties – referring to the losses they both suffered in the local elections.
Image caption The Mail uses its front page to criticise Dame Emma Thompson for flying to New York. The paper calls her a “first-class hypocrite” for generating “nearly two tons of carbon dioxide” – after joining climate change protests that “bought chaos to London”.
Image caption The Sunday Mirror claims a German child murderer is suspected of being behind the disappearance of Madeleine McCann. The man linked to the crime is serving life in prison for killing three children.
Image caption In other news, the Daily Star reports that convicted killer Dale Cregan has been given his own phone to call friends and family members – while serving his life prison sentence.

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