The Papers: Farage ‘shake-down’ and Trump tea with Charles

Image caption Photographs of a soaked Nigel Farage appear on many front pages after a man threw a banana and salted caramel milkshake over the Brexit Party leader. The Metro says the politician was “left milkshaken” after the incident in Newcastle upon Tyne – and blamed “radicalised Remainers”.
Image caption The i says the incident took place on the day it was announced the election watchdog said it would be reviewing the funding of the Brexit Party. The i says the party is getting a “shake-down” but notes Mr Farage described questions about its finances as a “smear”.
Image caption The Daily Express highlight’s Mr Farage’s comment that the attack on him was an “affront to democracy”. Police say a 32-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of common assault.
Image caption The Daily Mail says Prince Charles is to host Donald Trump for tea during his state visit next month. The meeting is a surprise, says the paper, as reports had suggested the Prince of Wales had previously refused to have anything to do with the US president.
Image caption A hard-up labourer has inherited a £50m estate in Cornwall after DNA tests proved he is the secret son of an aristocrat, reports the Sun. “Lad of the manor” Jordan Adlard-Rogers quit his job and swapped a council house for the sprawling property, says the paper.
Image caption The Daily Telegraph focuses on the “race to succeed Theresa May” – reporting Dominic Raab’s suggestion that the basic rate of income tax should be cut to 15p. The former Brexit secretary set out his “radical” plan to help “working Britain” in a debate with four other Tory rising stars, it says.
Image caption The Times reports Chancellor Philip Hammond is to launch a “pre-emptive strike” on Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson. In a speech, he will warn that the “populist right” of the party will not have a mandate to take the UK out of the EU with no deal.
Image caption The Guardian carries research suggesting ethnic minorities in the UK face rising and increasingly overt racism in the aftermath of the Brexit vote. The paper says the survey findings come amid rising concern at the use of “divisive rhetoric” in the run-up to the European parliament elections.
Image caption The Daily Mirror reports a call for GPs in England to be given a minimum of 15 minutes during appointments with patients. It says GP leaders say the current 10 minute guideline is “unfit for purpose” as there is not enough time to properly diagnose people.
Image caption The Financial Times leads on Google’s decision to stop supplying Huawei with its Android software amid a US government ban. It reports the “technology cold war” is gathering pace and the Chinese telecoms giant is now preparing to launch its own operating system.
Image caption The Daily Star says ex-Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson has been criticised after his newspaper column linked the cancellation of the Jeremy Kyle show to Brexit.

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