The Papers: ‘Tory MP arrested’ and PM urged to stop ‘chaos’

Image caption A Conservative MP has been questioned by police following allegations of rape and sexual assault, the Mail on Sunday reports. The paper says the former minister, who has not been named, is accused of assaulting a Commons researcher and has been questioned by police at a London station.
Image caption The Sunday Times leads with a report that a judge has ordered Defence Secretary Ben Wallace to explain why evidence that a rogue SAS unit “executed” Afghan civilians was withheld from a High Court case. The paper says the special forces regiment is accused of covering up war crimes, as serious concerns have been expressed about the killings of 22 people in 11 night raids. The Times also carries the report that a Tory MP has been arrested following allegations of rape and sexual assault.
Image caption Leading scientists and the head of a teaching union have raised concerns about plans to reopen schools in September. Patrick Roach, general secretary of the NASUWT, which represents more than 300,000 teachers across the UK, said parents and teachers need to be convinced schools will be safe and urged the government to provide greater clarity. Meanwhile, Labour’s biggest union backer, Unite, will review its political donations after party leader Sir Keir Starmer decided to pay damages to former staffers who claimed anti-Semitism had not been dealt with properly.
Image caption The prime minister has asked officials to prepare a blueprint of possible measures that could help to avoid shutting down the economy for a second time, the Sunday Telegraph reports. Enhanced shielding, stricter local measures and imposing a city-wide lockdown in London if infection numbers rise are among the proposals. Meanwhile, new homes, hospitals, schools, shops and offices will be given an “automatic green light” under new proposals to overhaul the planning system, the paper reports.
Image caption “Virus fears put lives back on hold,” is the headline leading the Sunday Express. Millions of people have said they will not go away this year due to concerns around coronavirus, the paper says. Those living in popular UK destinations are also keen to stay inside in case tourists bring the infection with them, it adds.
Image caption “Stop this chaos,” is the headline on the front of the Sunday Mirror, with the paper reporting that Boris Johnson is under pressure to “get a grip” on the government’s “chaotic” handling of the pandemic. “Transparency and clarity are key to public trust. We’re not getting it,” Liberal Democrat MP Layla Moran tells the paper.
Image caption The Sunday People leads its edition with a plea to the PM not to “let another 20,000 die”, as Mr Johnson is told to plan to save care homes before a second wave of infections. The paper says the PM has been told he threw the elderly “to the wolves” in the crisis.
Image caption And television presenter Phillip Schofield is in talks to be in the first same-sex pairing on Strictly Come Dancing, according to the Daily Sunday Star.

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