I’m Igor Volsky the founder and executive director of Guns Down America, an organization dedicated to building a future with fewer guns. Ask Me Anything.

Thanks for all of your great questions, which I hope I answered adequately! I’m going to pop out now, but will be checking back here throughout the day. So ask away and I’ll do my best to answer you!! (And if you want to learn more, check out my book! GunsDownBook.com)

For years, gun safety advocates and lawmakers have sought to solve the nation’s gun crisis by asking for politically palpable incremental reforms like background checks or closing the terrorist loophole. Such a strategy appeals to risk-averse politicians worried about alienating moderate voters. But, it has fallen short of channeling widespread public support for gun safety policies into real change. In 2016, I founded an organization with a bold vision for a new movement dedicated to building a future with fewer guns. My book, Guns Down: How To Defeat The NRA And Build A Safer Future With Fewer Guns, provides a roadmap for saving countless lives by raising the standard for gun ownership in America and making guns significantly harder to get.


Proof: https://i.redd.it/cuh8ncu1v5r21.jpg

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