r/politics Has Reached 5 Million Members!

Hello everyone! As the title says, we have just reached a big milestone here on r/politics, and we want to take a minute to thank all of our members and readers for helping to make this the largest and most active dedicated US politics forum in the world!

To get a sense of scale and be silly for a minute, here are some countries with a population under 5 million people:

  • Panama
  • Ireland
  • Costa Rica
  • New Zealand

Here are some other fun facts to show how our community has grown:

  • We have had 289 AMA’s since we began our AMA program!
  • In 2018, we had 23,650,004 comments!
  • Also in 2018, we had 421,398 submissions!

On a more serious note, these are divisive times we are living in. Political tension seems to be at an all-time high, and the rhetoric is getting more heated by the day. Our goal at r/politics has not changed, however: We have always sought to provide a space for users of all political stripes to participate, and the most important component of that is civility.

We wanted to use this space to take a moment and remind everyone that no matter what side of the aisle you are on, no matter your specific political beliefs, the ability to have civil and reasoned debate with another person is the cornerstone of our subreddit. Take a moment to consider the wonderful opportunity this community provides all of us not only to learn but to educate, to bridge the divide through civil and meaningful discourse.

It’s a lofty goal, especially in our current climate, and that is why we need and are humbly asking for your help, because we can’t do it on our own! As our subreddit grows, as we bring more and more people together under our roof, please help us with our mission to make and keep this a truly special place, where everyone is welcome to debate and discuss politics in a welcoming environment, because not only do our (awesome) users deserve no less, but our discourse as a whole deserves and needs it as well.

Once again, thank you all for your patronage and participation, here’s to 5 million members, and to many more in the future!

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