I’m James Dawkins, running for the NC House District 17, and you can literally Ask Me Anything!


Hello fellow Redditors!

I’m James Dawkins from Southport, North Carolina, and I’m a progressive Democratic candidate for the North Carolina General Assembly (State House).

I’m here on this solemn day to introduce myself to the Reddit community, of whom I’ve been a part for 4 years, and who were the inspiration for me running for office, and let you guys Ask Me Anything about running a State Campaign from outside the establishment, but I’ll answer pretty much any questions asked. I won’t request that we keep the discussion on my new film, Rampart.

You can see detailed policy positions, information about me, and some pictures from the campaign trail, on my website, though I need to get used to taking more pictures!


Just last week we got the news that the State Court has struck down the gerrymandered maps that the dastardly GOP wrote, and we’re looking at a fair election in 2020. If we have a fair election, I’m confident that Democrats can take back the State House and Senate, and that’ll include me winning my seat and getting to do good work for the poor, working class, and elderly of my district and the great state of NC!

Thanks, and ASK ME ANYTHING!

Proof: https://i.redd.it/aumbpjqsonk31.jpg

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