I spent a day with FACELESS YOUTUBERS (ft. SwaggerSouls, Corpse Husband, BlackySpeakz)

I spent a day with famous faceless YouTubers to learn the truth about this secretive way of living.
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▸ SwaggerSouls – https://youtube.com/SwaggerSoulsPlays
▸ Corpse Husband – https://youtube.com/Corpse_Husband
▸ BlackySpeakz – https://youtube.com/BlackySpeakz 🗯MORE I SPENT A DAY WITH…
▸ VIRAL MEME STARS – https://youtu.be/kUexle4jktU
▸ LEGENDARY OG YOUTUBERS – https://youtu.be/Jb-179F-uyI
▸ FAMOUS YOUTUBE ANIMATORS – https://youtu.be/BVvUx3cjHSk 🎥Crew
▸ Creator, Director, Writer, etc. – Anthony Padilla
▸ Production Coordinator, Co-writer & Research – Elise Felber
▸ Executive Producer – Alessandra Catanese
▸ Director of Photography/Gaffer – Zach Zeidman
▸ Editor – Mike Criscimagna
▸ Assistant Camera Operator & Assistant Editor – Robert Butler III
▸ Stage Manager – Cort Maclean 📢BE ON THE SHOW
▸ If you are part of an under represented subculture with a way of life you feel is not widely understood and would like to be interviewed by me in LA, email ispentadaywith [at] apadilla.co with your subculture in the title of the email. 🚫Padildo Clan (exclusive member group) – http://facebook.com/groups/padildo ❗️You dug this deep into the description. You owe it to yourself to subscribe ▶ https://youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=AnthonyPadilla 💉Self plug
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